One reason I was looking forward to this downtime between NCLEX and job was to take care of a little project. I was sick of the upstairs smelling like a cat box. Molly had peed all around her litter box in the closet. It grosses me out knowing that I can’t ever get the carpet clean enough. (BTW, I want to poke needles in all the house designers who put carpet where the dining table goes. ARGH!)

I got it in my head that I should replace the closet carpet with linoleum. Brian had done his bathroom earlier this month and inspired me. With his help I now have a beautiful, wipe-able floor!

Oh noes! Under the carpet is icky linoleum! After chipping away with hardly any progress except bloodying my knuckles I looked on the internet. A little surfing found a nifty way to steam them off using a wet rag and an iron. Sure, it still took a while, but with a lot less grunting.

Next I laid down new floor boards. I suck at hammering. This took all of the next morning to puzzle together and nail in place.

Laying out the tile, the only fun part of this renovation.

Ta da! A spacious, clean closet. The project had the bonus benefit of forcing me to throw out a lot of junk that had accumulated in there. Now I had room for all my nursing books and crafts.