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I’ve been going nonstop since school started. Taking these two intense science classes together and doing them in a summer session is sort of kicking my butt. I’m maintaining good grades so far, but I’m worried I’ll burnout. For example, in a single lecture this week we covered all of glycolysis, the krebs cycle, and the electron transport chain. So I’m taking some time this morning to catch up on the other bits of my life, like weeding the garden, laundry, and blogging.

But I’m not going all out. Here’s what is basically a picture dump with short notes.

Jem has adopted that goofy dog tongue look. Here she even left it out after she closed her mouth.

Study break for banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Can anyone tell me what this weed is called?


Wow, this was a long time ago. Lemon cheesecake squares and berries with vanilla sugar, while playing Settlers of Catan

Lainey came from Australia and spent the first few days staying with us. She brought vegemite and prepared a proper breakfast for me: toast with butter and vegemite. It wasn’t . . . too bad. Very very salty. Tastes like scunge that you should be washing off rather than eating. But kind of good in a ramen noodles kind of way.

Grilled balasmic chicken. Wow, also a long time ago.

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  1. what’s wrong with the old friends?too heavy for your dad’s water slide?

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