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Molly found the catnip

I planted a catnip plant in my herb garden. It took Molly a couple days to find it. There’s only one leaf on it now.

Before and After

Almost there

I had a productive week of studying. I took the final practice test today and passed. It was a “worst case scenario” test – 265 of the harder questions. I guess that means I’m ready to try the real thing next week. I’ll bide the time with more practice questions from the Kaplan bank.

I wish I could be enjoying my time at home more. I’ve had a persistent lower back ache and on-and-off migraines for over a week now. Grrr. I can’t attribute it to anything but stress and anxiety about the test and new job.

New job? Yeah, I’ve decided that I have a new job, even though it’s been a tad ambiguous the whole time. I know my salary and start date (June 22) and that seems like a good go-ahead to take my friends out to ice cream last night in celebration. Oh, how I love Sweet Action! The job is the acute care dialysis unit I talked about earlier. I’m 30% excited and 70% terrified. Maybe that’s the cause of my body aches? The intense training they describe, the chance of killing a patient, and having most of my patients speak Spanish only – kind of scary stuff. But they think I can handle it and I know I’m a smart capable person who can rise to a challenge. Still . . .

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