Nimbus picks up the kids

I take Nimbus to get the kids at school about once or twice a week.  They love seeing her, and the other families at school smile and laugh at the sight of a cat in a backpack.  As long as I know it’s not too hot or cold, and we don’t have extra errands to run after the pick-up, it’s a fun way to expand her horizons.  Over and over, people me ask if she really likes to be in there.

Every day when I stand up at 2:40 she RUNS to the door and meows to come along.  When I get out the backpack and set it on the ground she RUNS over to me, chirping and meowing with excitement.


On the drive she presses up to the porthole to better see the trees and sky.  She waits patiently in the car with me until it’s nearly time for the bell.


Today she started purring, so I whipped out my camera to prove that I have a weirdo cat.


See?  Perfectly contented, with purring and slow-motion-blinking!  While I wait in the school yard, I can feel her flipping around in the backpack, changing position to look out the porthole or the side mesh, wherever the most exciting action can be seen.  Toddlers are especially delighted to see a kitty in the wild, and I can hear parents pointing her out from across the playground.  Jack and Sam run up to me faster than usual, greeting their cat before their mother, and proudly show off Nimbus to their friends.


Ben has nicknamed Nimbus “Rachel’s Shadow.” All day she follows me room to room, either tripping me underfoot and glued to my side when I’m resting.  She really is a little shadow.

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  1. Your cat is weird and awesome.

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