Jack’s Scout pack held the annual Raingutter Regatta this evening.  He worked hard to make a great boat and brought a strong set of lungs to the game – – and he won!!

He won the races for Bear Den.  Here he is racing against his best friend Dylan for 1st place in the den:


Then he won the races against the whole pack!

Ben said that Jack couldn’t believe it, and even seemed confused about whether he won.  Then he showed his usual mix embarrassment and guilt about every situation he encounters.  This kid is so kind-hearted that he doesn’t know how to be proud of himself!  Later in the evening he excitedly told me all about the night, having come to terms with his success.  He explained his winning technique: Inhale deeply as soon as the ref starts to count, so your lungs are full and ready to blow when they say go.  Good advice!

He also got to be a member of the Color Guard for the first time ever, including all last year!

The winner!