This was Sam’s first real birthday party – with friends instead of just family.  He decided back in April that he was going to have a Halloween-themed party and never deviated.  Thank goodness the stores stock Halloween items as early as September 1st, it made shopping much easier.  He was very particular about some things, like a bat pinata and “orange and black triangles that you hang from the ceiling.”  I’m so happy that Ben decoded his description to mean flag bunting, I had no idea why we would hang triangles the way he described it!  Betty also came over to help out and make the party special.

The kiddos arrived and played with ghostie balloons until everyone arrived.  Next they decorated their goodie bags to look like jack-o-lanterns.  We had some outside games like Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin and a bat pinata, then cake and presents.  They also enjoyed just running around in the yard like Kindergarteners naturally do.

When asked about his party, Sam gives me a big thumbs up and says it was GREAT!