The last leg of our San Diego adventure was with the Waterhouse family in a house on the beach!  The boys were enchanted by this foreign terrain.  Sam went over the sea-wall and planted himself there in the sand.  I had to coax him farther onto the beach.  He was satisfied right there on the edge of the largest sandbox he had ever seen!

Ben and I ambled up the street to order dinner for the rest of the inbound Waterhouse flights.  We found this charming Greek restaurant.  The owner was so happy to make a big “surprise platter” for us and asked for a picture together for himself “because I make this like I make for my family!”

Passed out within minutes of tucking into bed.  Two days of Legoland and sunset on a beach will do that to a kid.

Cousins quickly bonded over Mario Kart.

Amanda and I chuckled at the navy stripes club.  Not pictured – the other men were all wearing plaid!

Front: Susan, Me, Amanda, Lexi, Jack.  Middle: Will, Sam, Sadie, Rosina, Sylvie.  Back: Nathalie, Ben, Andy, Ed, Larry, George.

We had a wonderful time catching up with my family over good food.  My folks and Rosina and the Evans all made a delicious barbecue spread for us.  Poor Andy got sick at the end of the visit, but before then my boys had a riot goofing with their uncle.  Jack and Lexi discovered a partially dug pit that they diligently expanded.

I heard nothing for the next three days except “I wish we lived at the Beach House, I wish we were back at the Beach House, I’m going to buy a house on the beach, etc etc.”