The boys were up bright and early each day for Legoland.  They seemed to be stuck on Colorado time, waking around 6:30 when the park doesn’t open until 9:30.  The hotel provides a buffet breakfast that met most of their requests (no whole strawberries?  Quelle horreur!).

We used our early access as hotel guests both days to sneak onto rides before others.  Day 1 was cold and rainy for a few hours, so some rides were shut down.  I worried that the kids would be dour about the weather, but I think I did the most grumbling.  In fact, the boys had a total of ONE minor tantrum from Sam on the second day.  It was more of a disagreement than a tantrum.  The boys were awesome.

Both days were low attendance – we walked straight onto almost every ride, hardly ever waiting more than a couple minutes to load.  We rode our favorites twice in a row; it doesn’t get any better than that!

Tons of pictures here, mostly out of order.

These rocks sing “We Will Rock You!”



Sam brings his steely looks for a photo op

Second consecutive run on the dragon coaster

Jack tried to trade some minifigs and Michael refused several because they were too cool to give away.  He tried to give Jack an education on collecting.  Jack just wanted a new one.

Ninjago x3 or 4, I forget.


Many rides can’t have pictures on them. Here we are getting seated for the Kid Power Towers.

I’m on a boat!

This ride has five levels to customize your ride.  Sam REALLY wanted to do this ride on “medium” and go upside down.  They had to give him a padded vest (“armor”) to fit in the seats and only let him go on the lowest setting – fairly slow and no upside-down.  He wants to come back bigger so we can go on a crazier setting.

Not a bad picture by Jack!


Saying good-bye to the ride than opened and closed both days for us, the Coastersaurus.


In the aquarium I spotted a gold button on an employee and Jack retrieved it.  We had seen Wanted posters around the park for them.  Apparently there are only a couple of them out each day and if you get one you can turn it in for a free admission ticket or keep it as a souvenir.  Since we are not local he decided to keep it.  Apparently they go for good money on eBay, but Jack doesn’t want to sell.