OK, one thing I will admit is nice about summer is that the boys are becoming closer friends than before. When we’re not doing separate trips or camps, they spend all day and night together and they seem to really enjoy it. Here’s some playtime photos from the last few days. As you can see, dressing up and playing superheroes is one of their top fun activities.

Amanda chooses to ignore the minions running around the garden store.

Yes, I’m saving this one for high school graduation slideshows.

They have shoelaces hidden up their sleeves to shoot out their wrists.

Spiders crawling all over my house!

Jack made his costume crown during quiet time. I love that Sam wears this knight costume. I think he’s the same age Jack was when I made it for him.  It’s held up remarkably well considering it was cheap acrylic and has had heavy play!  

Jack says that he read Robin Hood to Sam during quiet time and afterwards they wanted to shoot arrows in the backyard. After Dad came home he assisted Sam with his first archery experience.  He seems so tiny to me! But this isn’t far off from when we started Jack on archery too.