FINALLY the house is done.  There’s plenty of this and that for me to fiddle with, but the contractor work is DONE!  My kitchen is gorgeous.  I haven’t finished putting things away and art on the wall, I’ll share pictures later.  Oh yeah, my birthday was this week too.  I got mega sick on my birthday: the small cold I sported for a week already blossomed into a fever.  That was a bummer.  And the work isn’t PERFECT.  There’s lots of little things that bother me that I’ll have to find solutions for myself, or accept and learn from my mistakes.  Even so, it’s a million times better than my old kitchen.  When I’m feeling better I’ll bust out some baking.  For now, I’m happy to have a load of dishes running and a sink near the fridge-near the dishes-near the counter-near the trash.