It’s been a holiday whirlwind so far.  Here’s some choice selections from my day to day happenings.

Sam visits Santa.

Jack visits Santa.

The Alamo put floating candles and castle walls on the hallway into the theater for Fantastic Beasts.  They also had a photo booth in the lobby.


Jem has a sick tummy and cuddles a Santa hat.

Jack has his “Star Week” and brings in a poster and show-and-tell items about himself.

Amanda manages a fire drill in the middle of Act 1 of Peter and the Starcatcher.

Jack learns to knit.

Sam will join primary as a Sunbeam in the new year.  They brought in the little ones to practice sitting with the group.  They have new matching sweaters on this day.

Didn’t my cranberry bundt cake turn out fantastic?  Ha, no.  Tasted good.  But I replenished my empty can of Baker’s Joy the next day.  Never rely on Pam for a bundt.

I bought an Ikea kitchen!!!  This is some of the cabinet style. Hopefully I will have a resplendent kitchen enjoy soon!

Found this amazing candy shop in Park Meadows mall.  Had to tell Santa about it for stocking stuffers.

MagicBands arrived!  We are so pumped!

Don’t you nap best with a mountain of manly machines to keep company?