Month: April 2016

Singin in the snow

April showers look awfully fluffy and white in Colorado.

School Pictures II: Revenge of the Kindergarten – UPDATED

So there was a notice about spring school pictures. “Since when do they do pictures more than once?” I asked Ben.  “Since whenever they figured they could make more money” he wisely replied. “Well, not from me” I declared, and resolved not to give them money and threw the flyer away.

Then I felt all sad and nostalgic and my babies are growing so fast and I tried to log on to order them later.  But alas, I didn’t have the code and their website sucks, so I gave up.

Then Jack gave himself a haircut that week.  Then Jack had his other front tooth pulled that week.  Then Jack tripped and smacked his head the day before.

Alright, totally not buying pictures.  But I kinda wish I could see them.  I dutifully dressed him and combed him in case there was a class portrait too, so he would look nice for others.

Fast forward a month and Jack brings this home:

You guys.  Wat.  Seriously? Have you ever seen such doofy crazy eyes?  I’ll zoom in for you.

Seriously? So fabulous.

I swear I didn’t order these.  I have no idea why we got them.  And it’s not just a couple prints.  They sent me a deluxe set.

So please, email me that you want 5×7’s, 4×6’s, wallets, and keychains of this amazing Ode to the Kindergarten Trifecta of Accidents. We’ll keep the puzzle portrait for ourselves.

UPDATE – I logged into LifeTouch and it prompted me to “Order more portraits or pay for portraits I already received.”  Looking at the fine print, it appears this is a marketing ploy.  I’m supposed to return any unwanted prints to them via the school.  I think we will keep the “fun pack” with the puzzle, but return the rest unless someone wants to pay for it themselves. 

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