Friday after my birthday I woke up to my usual routine.  I fed Sam and then exercised in my room.  As I bent to pick up his pacifier my lower back had a spasm.  This has happened before.  I can remember four other times since I originally injured my lower back in a dance performance in high school.  Last time it spasmed was October, but it only lasted about a day.  This time I’m quite incapacitated. 

Lucky for me, Ben works at home on Fridays.  I had my phone with me and texted him to come upstairs because I couldn’t pick up Sam.  He half worked, half took care of the kids for the day.  The weekend had lots of fun plans that I had to cancel.  Monday he went back to work and I was well enough to carry Sam for short distances.  Heat pads, NSAIDs, and a tens unit have been my friends this week. 

Jack has another cold (runny nose, hacking cough) and Sam is teething ferociously.  We three make a sad scene this week. 

Today we are feeling a bit better.  Jack is in good spirits.  Sam seems content.  My back is improved.  Mornings are the worst for pain and I was able to send Ben to work at a normal time today, rather than keep him around to do all the lifting. 

I’m glad I’m done with dance rehearsals.  Saturday is the big double dress rehearsal day.  If I continue on this course I should be able to go as planned.  I don’t have to dance or demonstrate, but I need to be able to handle Sam for a full day in an uncomfortable high school auditorium.  Then on Sunday we are hosting an Oscars party.  I have a long to do list for that, so I had better get started slowly soon.