We made it through auditions and turned out a stellar cast.  We are really excited about this show and group of kids. 

Jack was well enough for me to leave with sitters on Monday and Tuesday.  Still uneasy, still coughing from the November cold, but well enough that I would have sent him to school were he in school.  Tuesday night he had another bout of stomach flu, complete with fever and nightmares and hacking cough.  I think I slept 3 hours that night, between him and the usual Sam needs.  So Wednesday and Thursday were spent in our never-ending convalescence.  Sam and I are still healthy, and I don’t think Ben cough the stomach bug (though he suffers from lingering cough too). 

I remember thinking, if we could just get well by Thanksgiving, I’ll be happy.  Now I’m repeating that mantra but for Christmas. 

Oh, and my hormones have changed and I’m losing my hair like crazy.  And Sam had a weird rash this morning. 

I’m so glad I don’t have to go back to a full time RN job now that Sam is 3 months.  Being a mom is work enough.