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Ben went back to work today.  It’s hard handling the two kids by myself, but refreshing in a way.  A return to normalcy.

Poor Jack is learning he has to share me now.  Trouble came when I was feeding Sam and Jack whacked his hip into a table, bursting in tears.  Hard to comfort when my lap was full.  Then he went upstairs to go #2, and had to wait while I finished feeding Sam.  Then Sam had to sit in a dirty diaper while I took care of Jack.  Taking turns is for more than just toys. 

Sam’s cord came off this morning!  I’m glad, because sponge baths are terrible.  This stinky boy needs a gentle soak.  Maybe tomorrow.  My to do list is full for today:
-Jack’s Laundry
-Sam’s Laundry
-Take a shower
-Slow cooker dinner
-Story Time
-Make lunches
-Pay bills
-Work from home stuff

I’m proud to say things are right on schedule, with only the last two items undone.  The shower was probably the hardest to accomplish, but I got it done.  Even dried my hair afterward!  But I might crash and take a nap during Jack’s quiet time.  Sam had trouble getting back to sleep last night, so I only got an hour at a time, maybe 4 hour total.

Here’s pictures from story time today.

Returning books
Story time with two

Checking the frog box for today’s theme
Story time with two

Waiting to start
Story time with two


Story time with twoStory time with twoStory time with two

And bonus picture of smiling brothers from yesterday

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  1. I love this last photo! Glad to see you and the boys are doing well.

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