Another delicious low-carb dinner:  Cajun blackened steaks, aged cheddar, and mixed salad with blue cheese dressing.

 I had a request for post salon pictures.  Just more red and a trim.  What do you think of the prescription sunglasses I got from Zenni Optical online?  Stylish?  Or comically small?  It was a gamble ordering online, but I’m happy to have good vision in the sun now.  Oh, and did you notice this?

Yeah, I got a purple extension.  Because why not?

We had a busy morning.  First brunch with Mavi and Brian at Breakfast on the Edge.  We ate on the breezy patio and watched water skiers on Sloan’s Lake.  Also lots of impressive motorcycles down Sheridan (impressive to Jack).  His gear came off for the meal, like a gentleman. 

 Then we all went to Echter’s nursery.  Mavi had a mission, but the rest of us bought plants too.  Must be Memorial Day weekend, right?  I went kind of crazy with the succulents.  It gave me a good reason to re-pot the others I’ve had sitting at home, and sweep up the back patio.  Jack wanted to help, and now I’m researching how to clean stuffed toys.  Kipper is prematurely graying. 

Here’s Jack while we wait for Ben and Brian in Edward’s Meats.  Too much running around and sunshine I guess 🙂