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Van Gogh scarf

Before spinning I had to update my ravelry page.  I finished this scarf over the weekend.  The yarn was brought back from Germany by Mom, it’s inspired by Van Gogh’s La Cafe Terrace a Nuit.  It’s hard to take photos with a big camera in one hand!

Unexpected Quiet

I called in to work at 8 am to see if my ICU treatment was a go.  It was not.  So I’m on day call (hellooo callback pay!).  Ben packed up Jack to Bailey.  His parents are staying in the condo so they will play with Jack while Ben does homework up there.  I’m left with a clean house and no agenda.  How nice! 

Jack’s birthday was really really fun.  What wasn’t pictured was all the times his grandparents took him out for walks to the park while Ben and I stayed home.  Also I went to Zumba.  It was so good.  It really feels good to exercise again.  It totally wipes me out, but not as bad as at first.  What DID wipe me out yesterday was eating a small steak salad at 11:30 for lunch, going to Zumba for an hour, then frosting Jack’s cake.  Like usual I taste-tested the frosting and licked up any spills on my fingers.  I think I sent myself in a little hyperglycemic episode.  I laid down for a while and drank a lot of water.  When I felt a little better I came downstairs and Jack obliged me with cuddling and Yo Gabba Gabba. 

But I felt better by dinnertime and we had a tasty meal, followed by cake, ice cream, berries and cream.  Brian poked fun at my diet slice of cake.

One more day of Atkins to go.  Ben and I agree that although we indulged yesterday, we ate a LOT less than we normally would have.  No afternoon ice cream, no buns with our sausages, no lemonade, no doritos, no potato salad, no potato chips, and very small cake portions.  I went from an all time low (since 2007) of 155.5 pounds yesterday up to 157.5 today.  But Ben lost another pound over the same night.  And I’m the one who exercised.  Go figure.

Well, I’m gonna go set up my spinning machine and enjoy the quiet.  

Happy Second Birthday Jack!

I think Jack must have had a splendid day.  I’m not feeling up to writing much, so here’s a picture dump of a two year old’s birthday.  (PS, Ben put some of his on Flickr, and you should watch the video of Jack finding presents here).

Grammy and Grampy

Look who's here!

Good food

Another Atkins salad, and a sneaky smoothie for Jack.


Ben has already started teaching Jack to use a controller. They are playing “Hydro Thunder.”

Some weekend pictures

 Another delicious low-carb dinner:  Cajun blackened steaks, aged cheddar, and mixed salad with blue cheese dressing.

 I had a request for post salon pictures.  Just more red and a trim.  What do you think of the prescription sunglasses I got from Zenni Optical online?  Stylish?  Or comically small?  It was a gamble ordering online, but I’m happy to have good vision in the sun now.  Oh, and did you notice this?

Yeah, I got a purple extension.  Because why not?

We had a busy morning.  First brunch with Mavi and Brian at Breakfast on the Edge.  We ate on the breezy patio and watched water skiers on Sloan’s Lake.  Also lots of impressive motorcycles down Sheridan (impressive to Jack).  His gear came off for the meal, like a gentleman. 

 Then we all went to Echter’s nursery.  Mavi had a mission, but the rest of us bought plants too.  Must be Memorial Day weekend, right?  I went kind of crazy with the succulents.  It gave me a good reason to re-pot the others I’ve had sitting at home, and sweep up the back patio.  Jack wanted to help, and now I’m researching how to clean stuffed toys.  Kipper is prematurely graying. 

Here’s Jack while we wait for Ben and Brian in Edward’s Meats.  Too much running around and sunshine I guess 🙂 

Duplos with Brian

Yay for free cookies!

Whew! A little Me time

I worked 6 shifts in the last 7 days. They were all rough too. Glad to be done with that and have a 4 day weekend. I'm at the salon for a cut and color, long overdue.

Atkins is going well. My weight loss stalled, but after a long stressful day yesterday I'm down to 157, 5 pounds down. Still not craving breads or sweets. I like it. But I'm starting to plan Jack's birthday cake. I need to browse recipes and baking aisles.

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