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Handy man

Jack likes to put keys in things to see if they will fit. When he started on the ottoman tonight Ben gave him an Allen wrench. After just a few minutes of work Jack had a very loose screw. Thanks Ben. Can't wait for the poang to collapse on me tomorrow. ūüôā

PS I'm doing a lot better. No narcs for a couple days and just a little ache at work. Driving is the worst.

PPS a rare early shift end with no call attached! We are off to Jose O'Sheas for dinner!


This is me for most of the week.¬† Sunday night I was writing at a desk and stretched back, like I have before thousands of times.¬† But, for whatever fluke reason, this time a nerve in my neck was pinched.¬† I had sharp neck pain, muscle spasms down my upper back and under my shoulder blade, and transient right arm numbness.¬† Hoping it would go away after a night’s rest I went to work Monday morning.¬† But it only got worse.¬† I left midday and went straight to my doctor.¬† She provided a note to excuse work, an Aleve regimen, and prescriptions for Vicodin and Soma (a muscle relaxant).¬†

Luckily I already had three days off mid-week, so I really only missed one afternoon of work.  Since then I have been on my back in the basement with an electric heating pad.  I had to miss dance rehearsal Tuesday, although Amanda video chatted me from the stage so I could give some pointers.  Yesterday Ben drove me up to Bailey so I could teach.  It was hard for me not to demonstrate full-out, but the kids really stepped up and learned quickly. 

Jack has been super cuddly.¬† Ben has been a dear taking care of me.¬† I can’t really complain about the rest.¬† As illnesses go this one has a fun treatment.¬† My netflix and DVR queues are empty now.¬† I drove to a staff meeting today and experienced only aches rather than full on pain.¬† I hope I’m healed enough that finishing my two shifts Friday and Saturday won’t be too strenuous.¬†

Sorry, boring post, I’m sure.¬† But I felt like documenting it.¬† Here’s some photos from Sunday, where I spun some yarn before the injury started acting up.

And here are photos of me playing with Jack at the Tattered Cover, courtesy of Amanda.¬† I haven’t synced my phone for photos from my folk’s visit yet.¬† It was really fun to see them.¬† We ate well, did a lot of shopping, and Jack was showered with attention.¬†

I better lay back down. 

Happy happy

Grandparents make different choices than parents.

Gray Ears Hat

This is fun! I finished this hat in a week. I improvised the fair isle. I had to re-knit it three times before finding a pattern that would fit this yarn. But I really like the simple snowflake in the edge. This hat is super warm too. We’re having a warm, windy spell in Denver now, so I look forward to chilly days to put this hat to the test.

The special thing about this hat is I made it from home-spun yarn! The gray was the first skein I ever spun, using a drop spindle. The ivory was the first yarn I spun on my wheel, made double ply. Both are natural colors from corridale sheep. My coworkers were suitably perplexed/impressed (perpressed? implexed?) that I made this.

I’m on call tonight, my last shift of the week.¬† I hope I don’t go in.¬† My folks are on their way to visit for the weekend and I’d really like to have a relaxing dinner with them.¬† They should be implexed by his recent growth spurt.

I’ve hit a choreography style writer’s block.¬† Gaston is a rousing, mug-clinking dance number.¬† There’s a bit of music that has me dumbfounded.¬† I should just glaze over it and go by counts instead of awkward music writing, but I just can’t put moves to paper.¬† I hope a little procrastination forces me ahead – I have to teach it next week!¬† The good news is Amanda found a classroom with mirrors that we can use for rehearsal.¬† The kids have so little body awareness.¬† Using mirrors should boost there form immensely.¬†

“I got the blues”

A portrait taken by Ben today. Like a jailbird with his harmonica. I can’t believe Ben didn’t stage this.
I got the blues

Why things kept <3 ft high

need re-washing before use in my house.

Why I dream of raising chickens

Can you tell which are the factory eggs and which are backyard hen eggs?

Too little time between Jack’s bed and my bed

I have so little spare time and so much I want to do!¬† Even with a three day weekend I’m anxious every minute for all the fun things I want to squeeze in.¬† Tonight I had to pick between knitting my Sothia scarf, knitting a Thorpe hat, creating a desert terrarium with my newly gathered supplies, finishing choreography for Be Our Guest, or finishing Ready Player One, our latest book club pick.¬†

We went to dinner with friends where Jack was disastrous.¬† I swear his restaurant manners have deteriorated since Christmas¬† – I’m look at YOU Grandmas and Grandpas to blame for this!¬† After dinner I gave him a quick bath, tucked him in bed, then joined my friends in another round of Qwirkle.¬† (Once I start posting links it’s hard to stop).

After that I spent a surprising amount of time tinkering with my blog design because my old one has become so outdated and broken.  Consider this a work in progress.  Then I knit and watched the end of a Stephen Fry in America episode.  Boy, does he hate Miami. 

It’s now way past my bedtime.¬† So I’ll leave with a photo that I absolutely love and I’m thinking of using as my new blog banner.¬†¬†

l337 |<|\|1771|\|9


Sometimes I look at the mess of needles and feel mighty proud of my skillz. 

This tangle will be a hat, mark my words. With scoured locks I spun from a corridale. 

(Even if I can handle it, this is the dumbest way to start a hat.¬† I hope the rest of the pattern isn’t so poorly planned.)

Slice o life

Lunch at home. Quite nice.

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