I was tempted to post about my rehearsal today, but my sister beat me to it!  So I’m going to let her tell the story.  Read her post here about our solution to bad weather.  I spent about an hour putting together 2 versions of the dance section, with 5 additional videos breaking down parts in more detail.  It sure beats the 7 or 8 hours I would have spent getting up there, teaching, and driving home.  Amanda showed me the last run through they did and I’m so impressed!  I’m so tickled seeing 30 kids following my image on a screen 😀  It was funny seeing them all drop their right arm at the end pose, something I did casually as the music faded out, it was not meant to be a dance step.

PS, I think this is the one they were watching in her clip.  I’m too embarrassed to post them all 😉