I hope that was the one and only time.

The NCLEX was just as bad as I expected. Like my classmates and previous grads have said, you can’t help but think you failed and want to throw up and cry right afterwards. To sum up, I got 75 questions – the minimum you can get. That means the computer quickly decided wtih 95% certainty that I either passed or failed. I don’t *think* I bombed it. Some of the questions I definitely knew the answer to. But the vast majority were a total toss up between 2 good options. And there were a smattering where I had no idea and no technique to help me, so I just guessed. I think the test was harder than the practice tests Kaplan provide. I’m choosing to interpret that to mean that I was doing well, because for every question you get right, they give you a harder question. So maybe I was performing in the upper range.

GArblaMAALAMALA. blerg.

I wish I had my results.

I’m in GJ, visiting my folks. My plan is to unwind with Tivo, knitting, and a hot tub. Here’s hoping it works.

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  1. I'm sure you did great! Jen just told me that she failed all of her practice tests and passed the real thing so you're in. đŸ™‚

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