I studied a lot for more this test and the material was more familiar to me, but I got the same grade, a high B. It’s bumming me out pretty bad. I really don’t want to lose my 4.0 during my last class. We also had a four hour class on job interviews in the afternoon. Hmm. Seemed like we could have covered it all in 45 minutes. Also, the morning’s guest lecturer on burns only gave us one break and went into our lunch hour 10 minutes. Come on. That’s just rude. She and my regular teachers and the job interview speakers kept saying things like “I know you guys have had a hard day, but let’s go over . . . ” Your apologies are FUTILE if you take up my lunch! Or only give us one break per 4 hour block! And make me come in 30 minutes earlier in the morning to test but don’t let us out early!

Ahem. Sorry. Mondays are rough. Only three more I guess.

Saturday I had fun teaching dance to the Achievement Girls (aged 8-11) at church. I taught them to cha cha, some charleston, then a short jazz routine. It reminded me that I really love to teach dance and choreograph. Maybe someday I can return to them.

Right now Ben is playing a GTA extension with headphones on. Jem is moping at me from across the couch because we are so boooorinnnnng. I have a stack of books to read about skin diseases and shock, which we’ll be lectured on tomorrow. The air smells like bacon because I made crunchy salty BLT’s (minus the T, plus cheese) for dinner. This is how we roll.