Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my family in Utah. My brother and sister live in Salt Lake and my parents drove up from Grand Junction (I echo my sister’s sentiments – hurrah for my parents, we love them so much!)

The main event was Amanda’s spring musical, Once Upon a Mattress. Details of her directorship and the performance are her blog, linked above. I enjoyed it immensely! She should be proud of her students. I’ve never seen middle school performances as great as the shows she puts out.

Aside from that the weekend was all about food and shopping!

Here is Andy showing us around the shop where he works. He showed off the vegetable display he arranged đŸ™‚

Here’s my mom’s sister Martha and her daughter Caitlin, down from Logan for a lacrosse game. On the right is the cast of Amanda’s show giving her a well-deserved congratulations!

Doing what we do best – talking and eating.

Mmmmm…hot chocolate. Mom told stories of working at Arctic Circle while we noshed on their shakes and fries – don’t forget the fry sauce!

While it snowed as if it were December we cozied up in a french bistro for a late night dinner. Delicious!