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Cooking holiday feasts of corned beef and spiral ham. The holidays are too close this year!

Playing The Phantom Hourglass.

Reading Pride and Prejudice.

Knitting the final large piece of my sweater vest. Then trim and finish!

Searching for a PDA. Regis requires it but they are quickly becoming obsolete. Not many options. Do I dare buy one used?

Completing background checks and immunizations for Regis.

curtains for the bedroom and craft room.

Watching Ben play N+ and Resident Evil while I knit.


  1. That photo of the game is of “N” not “N+”. As of now, that level is not in N+, and the ninja in N+ has a red scarf (or other colors if you want).

  2. Oh my gosh. Sometimes your nerditude astounds me.

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