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pardon our dust

I did a little fiddling with the template and layout. Sorry for pictures that don’t load and unfinished edges. I’ll try to work on it a little more.


What is Caturday?? A celebration of the hilarity of cats, sometimes with funny captions. But first, let’s meet a new cat

Brian’s face shows what “smitten” looks like. I went with Brian to help Cate and Trevor find a cat. Although Brian swore he was just researching, he ended up bringing home a gray tabby kitten who he named Zoe. She’s pretty fantastic. She perches on shoulders, plays a lot, let’s you hold her on her back, and does lots of Celine Dion paw stretches when you scratch her.

Cate picked out a cuddly long gray-haired cat who was just itching for love. They named her Mona, and she’s working extra hard to earn Trevor’s cold heart.

But BACK TO CATURDAY, which is really about online pictures. Do a search or go to this website to brighten up your dreary days. Here are some of my favorites.

An no funny captions (or should I saw, Cat-shuns. OH!!) but here are some funny pictures of the Demolisher:


I love the new, run by Amazon. Great organization and search terms, great prices, great layout (no flash!) and free overnight shipping. Right now they’re giving you $5 off to use overnight shipping. I got two beautiful pairs of Kenneth Coles for super cheap. They have 1 year return policy and they pay for return shipping. Who could ask for anything more?

Happy Birthday

Hello! I’m 25 now! I had an excellent birthday, even though my family got snowed out of visiting.

That weekend we went bowling at Lucky Strike, had dinner with friends, and played with my new present:

Thank you to everyone who pitched in for my super cool gorgeous flat screen HDTV! Our games look fantastic, I don’t have to squint from the back couch, and we get most network HD stations with out antenna (no cable for us!). Also, I discovered this rad channel call the tube that
plays music videos ALL the time. It’s a dream come true (sniff!). On my actual birthday we played games with friends and had pizza and ice cream cake. I won boggle and scrabble đŸ™‚

In other news, I went to a new craft store with a new friend. Fancy Tiger has great fabrics, yarns (including crewel!), and vintage goodies for making hip crafts. I got some great fabrics for my wall projects and a tiny crewel kit.

I saw The Queen this weekend and loved it. One of the best made movies in a long while, definitely recommend it. Should have won Best Picture (my Oscar party was fun, by the way. Shawn won the pool).

My HOA is hilarious sometimes. They do an awesome job keeping the grounds clean, especially with the constant snowfall. One day we came home to this on our door:


Heathly Dinners

Chicken with shallots, sundried tomatoes, garlic, and spinach pasta
Chips with garbanzo bean, pepper, and corn dip and guacamole (and favorite salsa!)

Chicken, broccoflower, and shallot stirfry on white rice

Gingerbread cookies with cream cheese frosting

Tomato soup with Blarney Castle cheese sandwiches

Kale soup with chickpeas, carrots, and celery

Lentil soup with carrots, onion, and garlic with biryani spices

Homemade bread and butter pickles from Ben’s boss (killer stuff!)

Spinach enchiladas (with cottage cheese, cheddar, olives, anaheim peppers, and Hatch sauce)

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