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A quick update on life since we got a dog. The cough Jem had is just kennel cough, akin to our flu. The vet recommended not only a cough supressant and an antibiotic, but a nebulizer to give her a second medication that will penetrate the lungs. So Ben gets to treat her with our rented nebulizer every morning and night. Additionally, she had roundworm and giardia, which we’re treating with a powdered medication in her food. Ay yi yi. Nothing to worry about, and it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. Nonetheless, it’s a lot of fuss for a little puppy.

Everyone wants to know what Molly thinks of the dog. Once Molly became accustomed to the new smell in the house, we brought Jem into the basement while Molly was sitting on top of a chair. The dog sniffed out the room while Molly watched with a bemused expression. She seemed tense and her ears were pulled back, but she made no motion to run away. Even when Jem came up to the chair to sniff her, Molly just stared. A couple times since then Jem has gotten too close and Molly hissed and scratched. The dumb dog goes in for more each time, so we have to separate them at that point. But overall, it’s encouraging that Molly is tolerating so much, and still acts like she owns the house.

Ben is exhausted from getting up so early and waking to Jem’s whining all night. He didn’t realize having a puppy is almost like having an infant! But we had a pretty solid sleep last night with Jem in the crate by our bed. And she’s still oodles of fun to take on walks.

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  1. It’s gotten much easier since she can go in the bedroom. She just wants to be around us if possible! She’s a very good puppy and has learned several useful commands.“Lets Go!” makes her break a sniff and continue the walk“Come!” Makes her come when not on a leash“Potty!” Makes her consider pooing or peeing.I think she’s the smartest 3 month old puppy there ever was! Now if she can just stop crying when we leave….

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